Meet Farah Shaaban, the newly crowned Miss Egypt 2017


Egypt’s Farah Shaaban seized Miss Egypt 2017 title after competing with 22 other candidates.

A jury of public figures chose Farah Shaaban on Sunday night to be crowned Miss Egypt, after passing successfully all the committee’s tests.

Among the jury of Miss Egypt 2017 competition are, organizer Amal Rizk, actress Randa El Beheiry, and Miss Egypt 2016, Nadine Osama.

Farah studies computer science at the British University in Egypt, loves reading, swimming and acting.

She aspires to become a successful TV presenter, and offer fun programs for children. She also hopes to represent Egypt successfully in Miss World 2017.

Dr. Amal Rizk, organizer of the competition, said that all participants are equally eligible for the title, but only one has to be chosen.

The criteria of choice include in addition to beauty, being cultured, elegant and have a strong presence, she said.


Last Update: Monday, 2 October 2017 KSA 18:32 - GMT 15:32

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Meet Farah Shaaban, the newly crowned Miss Egypt 2017
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