Measures under way to help Saudi women work from home

Saudi employers will soon be supplied with accurate reports about the performance and productivity of any woman working from home. (Shutterstock)

The Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry has announced a series of measures to activate a project it had launched earlier to enable women, especially those with special needs, to work from home.

Haifa al-Hossaini, director of the council’s department for women, said the project would ensure employment for more than 10,000 women every year. “Saudi women from various age groups will be able to work for private companies and establishments from their homes,” she said.

Al-Hossaini said the system was probably new to the Saudi women but is well established in developed Western countries.

An agreement was signed with Glowork, the first website dedicated to female recruitment in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), to provide the modalities and technical support for the project, she said. “Glowork will provide technical support to private companies to stay in constant contact with their female employees and at the same time assess their long-distance performance,” al-Hossaini said.

Khalid Alkhudair, founder of Glowork, said the company will enable thousands of Saudi women to work from their homes in such fields as research, marketing, customer service, sales and other activities that can be done remotely, whether in towns or villages.

“Women with special needs can easily work from their homes to sustain themselves and help their families,” he said.

He said under the new project, women will not only be able to work from their homes but will become part of the Saudi labor market.

Alkhudair said his company will provide smart solutions to private companies to monitor the performance of Saudi women employees who work from home, including those living in remote areas.

He said the employers would be supplied with accurate reports about the performance and productivity of any woman working from home. “Glowork can be easily linked online with all the employing private firms’ systems,” he said.


This article was first published in Saudi Gazette on Oct. 20, 2014.

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