Saudi ambassador to Indonesia warns tourists from staying at this hotel

Many complaints were received about The Acacia Hotel as of recently related to cases of thefts. (via Twitter)

Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Indonesia Osama Mohammad Abdullah al-Shuaibi has warned his country’s citizens to avoid staying at the Acacia Hotel.

Via Twitter, the Ambassador tweeted his warning saying: A warning regarding stay at The Acacia Hotel in Menteng, Jakarta. Citizens complained several times of direct and indirect thefts from rooms, including those from safe boxes”.

“The Saudis love tourism in Indonesia and each category has a specific season. Youth usually visit the country at certain times while families usually visit during official and school holidays. This year, tourists are estimated to number around 166,000 Saudi tourists this year, after it was 240,000 in past years. Saudi tourists used to head to Jakarta and the mountains but now they go to other sites such as Bali Island,” he said.

“The culture of the Saudi tourist has changed in many ways, they have become aware of the problem of bribes, extortion and thefts” the ambassador said while stressing that the embassy is following up on all affairs and problems Saudi tourists may face.

“Awareness is growing day by day, we are working with the Saudi tourist as a unified team. We have dealt with many things on the official sites, especially at the airport. We tell the tourist not to pay, and he has to wait and contact the embassy when he is attacked or blackmailed,” he said. “By reporting the incident, you protect yourself and others. We receive complaints over 24 hours, many cases were handled, and we reported the issue to the authorities”.

As for the details of the complaints against the hotel, he clarified that he personally checks the validity of the complaints. Many complaints were received about The Acacia Hotel as of recently related to cases of thefts.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:53 - GMT 06:53