Tunisia TV head freed after year in prison

Chief of Tunisian TV channel Ettounsiya, Sami Fehri (R) hugs his wife following his release from prison in Mornaguia, near the capital Tunis, on September 11, 2013. (AFP)

The head of a private Tunisian TV channel has been released after a year in prison while under investigation for "illegal earnings."

While the case against him continues, Sami Fehri left Tunisia's Mornaguia prison Wednesday night, greeted by supporters who maintain the case against him is an attack on media freedom.

Many have suggested the trial against Fehri was motivated in part by his station's critical stance towards the Islamist-led government - especially in a satirical puppet show.

Fehri, who had close ties to the deposed dictator's family, is accused of making illegal financial gains in a series of television advertising contracts. Fehri was twice ordered released by the court but each time the prosecution opposed the decision.

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