Al Arabiya News Channel shuts down Beirut office

Al Arabiya News Channel, along with its sister channel Al Hadath, has announced a restructuring of its operation in Lebanon, which will effectively shut down its current office in Beirut.

The channel has clarified this is due to the challenges and difficult situation on the ground and reiterated that its commitment to the safety of its employees and contractors, and cannot allow any threats to them.

However, Al Arabiya will continue its Lebanon coverage with the help of experts and contractors in different fields.

The channel also stressed that it will try its best to help those affected by the restructuring to find opportunities in other departments and offices in the Al Arabiya network or with its contractors.

Meanwhile, those who will be let go will receive their legal and contractual rights. They will also be receiving other exceptional grants, reflecting the channel’s vigilance and appreciation for their contribution, and in the hope that this will help them and enhance their chances in the future.

Al Arabiya also reiterated to its vital and large audience in Lebanon that it is committed to continue its Lebanese coverage, which will not stop; and added that this restructuring will not change the close relationship between the channel, Lebanon and the Arab world.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:50 - GMT 06:50