'Look up' video on social media addiction goes viral

Turk recommends people 'look up from your phone, shut down the display, take in your surroundings and make the most of today.' (Photo courtesy of YouTube)

A short online video calling on people to “look up from your phone” and disconnect from social media has ironically gone viral, with more than 11 million YouTube likes since the item was posted in late April.

“’Look Up’ - A spoken word film for an online generation’, shows writer and director Gary Turk reading a poem which urges to people to take a break from our digitals lives.

“I took a step back and realized that this media we call social is anything but. When we open our computers and it’s our doors we shut,” a bit of poem goes.

Turk recommends people “look up from your phone, shut down the display, take in your surroundings and make the most of today.”

The video has now been viewed more than 11.5 million times since it was posted on YouTube on April 25, ironically achieving the opposite of what it calls for. The five-minute video has been met with mixed reactions as a result, with some hailing it as thought-provoking and others hypocritical.

“Gary Turk reading a poem which will change your perception of 'Social Media' Take 5 minutes to watch it, it will be worth it & will have a positive effect on your life & hopefully the lives of those around you,” Mark Rosser said in one comment.

“It's not too late...... WE ALL need to do this, sooner [than] later. Life is too short and we need to start enjoying it,” JJ Sabourin, another of the thousands to post in the comments section, said.

Anoop Gurung, another person to post a reaction, said he agreed fully with video, describing it as “powerful and full of awareness.”

“I am Totally agreed with him. By The technology and all those sort of social networking site we are fully turning into Dehumanizing and there is no way to moderation," Gurung said.

Some responded with sarcasm.

“Woooow, such eye-opening video, I will change TODAY! I will diss this technology, go outside and embrace life! I will go and see the world! ...but first, let me check my Facebook,” Boris Mirkov said.

Turk has recognized the irony of the video.

“I’m guilty too of being part of this machine, this digital world where we are heard but not seen,” he said.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 13:52 - GMT 10:52