Man posts his graduation photo, becomes Internet meme

A high school graduate become an overnight internet meme after posting his graduation photo online. (Courtesy:

A high school graduate posted a photograph from his graduation ceremony on, an online image sharing service, only to be made into an internet meme known as “Derploma guy” and “Mischievous Mike”, Metro reported on Tuesday.

The high school graduate, whose real name remains unknown, posted his photo on on June 4 and captioned it “I graduated high school last week, and this picture of me made it into my local newspaper”. Two days later the photo had almost a million views.

Internet users turned the photo into a meme, but was undecided on whether he was “really cute” or “plotting an evil plan”.

Comments on the photo included “I’m cutened by him. I wanna hug him. If anyone ever hurts him, I’ll kill them” and “Phase one of your plans for world domination are complete.”

Derploma Meme

Derploma Meme



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