The ‘most beautiful’ Moroccan, Indian girl on WhatsApp turns out to be Iranian

A picture of Mahdis Mohammadi, a little girl from the city of Tabriz in Iran. (Social media)

A Moroccan national recently shared a voice message via WhatsApp claiming that the mobile application has decided to pay for the surgery of a blind girl and that every time the message was shared the girl would be granted 10 French centimes.

The message was recorded by someone who spoke in a Moroccan dialect mixed with some French. This triggered speculation over the identity of the girl.

Around the same time, it was discovered that the rumor actually started from Indian websites, which had also reported a similar story. That rumor had it that the girl is sick and holds the title of “the most beautiful girl”.

It has now been revealed that the little girl is actually from Iran and that her mother had published her photo to compliment her beauty on the Iranian Sefidak website on September 10th 2016. It was revealed that Mahdis Mohammadi is from the city of Tabriz.

The report said that the mother of “the beautiful little girl” is the one who uploaded the photo on Instagram in response to those who claimed the photo was edited. The report includes a number of photos of the girl taken from multiple angles and several positions.

The report did not include any details about the girl being blind.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:53 - GMT 06:53