Saudi social media star Sarah al-Wadaani: My veil is not an obstacle

Sarah al-Wadaani’s unconventional actions have stirred a controversy on social media in Saudi Arabia and many consider her one of the most influential women online.

Al-Wadaani is known to mix colors on her face and comes out with cinematic makeup that is the first of its kind in the Arab world, complete with all the horror some may take it as. She has endured many criticisms but disregards those who describing her “as a psycho”.

The psychology graduate told Al Arabiya that fame has taken away the thrill of her personal life: “I did not expect my hobby in the makeup field to make me famous, I was only using makeup to express my feelings and to draw harsh visual tricks on faces”.

“My daily posts on social media have witnessed a remarkable interaction with this new art but I was always committed to my principles. Many companies have asked me to take off my veil to star in commercials but I refused to do so. My veil is not an obstacle for an ambitious girl who sticks by her principles,” she told Al Arabiya.

“My family gives me some remarks about my posts from time to time; my mother asks me to put less makeup and not to laugh a lot on Snapchat and my father worries about me and asks me to refrain from shooting every part of my diaries, although what I post does not exceed the 10 percent of my daily activities and varies depending on my events and visits,” she added.

Wadaani pointed out that each new work she submits usually gets criticized by some members of the community as they are unconventional and her community usually rejects new experiences. She noted that she is not keen on justifying herself or answering those who criticize her as she only tries to prove herself through her work and has goals she wants to achieve.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:53 - GMT 06:53