Reporters Without Borders calls on Turkey to protect Syrian reporters

Naji al-Jarf, a Syrian activist who produced documentaries hostile to ISIS, was assassinated in Turkey on Dec. 27, according to the group with which he worked, ‘Raqa is Being Slaughtered Silently’. (AFP)

A prominent journalism watchdog has called on Turkey to protect exiled Syrian journalists on its territory after an opposition journalist was fatally shot near the border with Syria.

Naji al-Jarf, the editor-in-chief of pro-opposition Hinta Magazine died in hospital Sunday after being shot in the street in the southern city of Gaziantep. In October, ISIS said it was behind the killing of another Syrian opposition journalist and of his friend in the southern city of Sanliurfa.

The Paris-based Reporters Without Borders said on Tuesday it was “appalled” by reports of al-Jarf’s killing and said Turkey should guarantee journalists’ safety.

The group said al-Jarf had been receiving threats after making a documentary on ISIS violence. He had obtained a visa for France had been planning to move there.

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