Suspicions rise of Houthi hand behind journalist’s sudden death

The sudden death of Yemeni journalist Mohammed al-Absi has sparked suspicions that he was liquidated by Houthi militia.

He was known for his investigations exposing the corruption of the Houthis in financial institutions.

After the emergence of poisoning reports, the journalists’ syndicate and the Ministry of Information urged international organizations to conduct an autopsy on al-Absi, through an independent international medical team.

Suspicions are that the investigations that al-Absi carried out and consecutively published on his blog led to his death.

Absi had consistently tackled dangerous corners of the Yemeni crisis. He exposed the corruption of the militias in inancial institutions, which led to him receiving threats and made him change his phone number and whereabouts many times.

When the Yemeni journalist suddenly died, it was announced that it was due to a heart attack.

However, the vagueness surrounding his death raised many doubts.

Absi had investigated recently how Houthis were controlling the black market in and weapons, and he exposed the methods undertaken by the Houthis that led to the besieging of Yemenis.

The militias have already kidnapped and detained 14 journalists, after which dozens of journalists organized a protest in Taiz demanding the release of their colleagues and protection against any physical and psychological torture.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:48 - GMT 06:48