Back to the Future Day has finally arrived!

This photo provided by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment shows Christopher Lloyd, left, as Dr. Emmett Brown, and Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly in the 1985 film, "Back to the Future." (AP)

Fans of the film on Wednesday will mark “Back to the Future” Day - characters Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and McFly (Michael J. Fox) blasted their way in the 1989 part two of the trilogy to what was then the great unknown future, October 21, 2015.

And major companies are not missing a trick in taking advantage of the occasion, which will feature screenings of “Back to the Future: Part II” and other events to commemorate the day.

Take Pepsi. On Wednesday, it will sell limited-edition “Pepsi Perfect” - McFly’s soda of choice in the blockbuster movie series.

The beverage giant has gone big promoting what it optimistically hailed as “the long-awaited creation,” including an ad featuring flying cars, robots and a hoverboard - a sort of skateboard without wheels and one of the enduring futuristic gadgets featured in the film.

“Pepsi fans asked and we heard them loud and clear,” said Lou Arbetter, PepsiCo senior director of marketing.

“The ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy was as big a moment in pop culture history then as it is now, 30 years later.

Not to be outdone, Nike has also leapt - hoverboard-like - on the “Back to the Future” memory bandwagon, saying earlier this year it was releasing a version of the self-lacing Nike Mag shoes that were featured in the movie. Details though remain sketchy.

‘Jaws 19’?

Major car manufacturers are also getting in on the act.

Toyota, which makes a brief appearance in the film in the form of a retro pick-up truck, has launched a campaign linking its launch of the Mirai, a car that runs on hydrogen fuel cells, with the film’s vision of cars running on fuel cells powered by garbage.

Toyota has released a teaser video - the full-length version will be released on Wednesday on the website - of Lloyd and Fox discussing what the film got right and wrong about the future.

Meanwhile, Universal Pictures also had a bit of fun with its “Jaws 19” mock trailer -- “Back to the Future” included a clip of a cinema showing “Jaws 19.”

Inevitably, lesser-known gadget makers and innovators are also trying to make a name for themselves with some off-the-wall products.

California-based firm Hendo is creating a hoverboard which works on magnetic repulsion.

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