Egypt TV host tells viewers: ‘Break your fast with dates, I’ll eat lamb’

Moments later, he describes his own iftar plans filled with Qatayef (an Egyptian pie filled with cream and nuts) and leg of lamb. (Screenshot Al-Balad)

Infamous Egyptian television host Ahmed Moussa has courted controversy and criticism once again after telling his audience to “save up and break your Ramadan fasts with milk and a few dates”.

“All you need is a little milk and some dates. Why do you want to buy expensive walnuts? There’s no need,” Moussa said. He then said that amar al-din, a sweet apricot drink popular during Ramadan, should be something Egyptians can do without.

Moments later, he described his own Ramadan food plans, that include Atayef (small Egyptian desert pies filled with cream and nuts) that Moussa said he "must eat on the first day of Ramadan," as well as a leg of lamb.

His comments come at a tough time for the Egyptian economy with unemployment reaching 13.4 percent of the population. The population of Egypt also reached its highest at 91 million on Sunday, only six months after it hit the 90 million mark.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:51 - GMT 06:51