Al Arabiya wins international award for best virtual studio

Al Arabiya News Channel won an international award for the best virtual studio by broadcasting association, Nab Show.

Al Arabiya used the most sophisticated, technical and visual coverage of the United States elections ever seen on an Arab news channel.

Headquartered in the Middle East Broadcast Channel’s (MBC) main building in Dubai, UAE, Al Arabiya’s coverage is using the 30-meter-high building as a video wall, and the neighboring Media City lake will be transformed providing a birds eye view of a virtual White House.

Al Arabiya has partnered with a company to make use of the latest camera technologies in using the spider cameras normally used in live coverage in football stadiums.

“During the past elections, we made use of immersive graphics and live data but for the 2016 US Elections, we thought differently,” says Al Arabiya’s Senior Manager of on air graphics Fadi Radi.

In this video Al Arabiya tours the world’s most famous presidential residence - the White House which has been the residence of the US president since the term of second American president John Adams in 1800.

Last Update: Wednesday, 3 May 2017 KSA 20:53 - GMT 17:53

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Al Arabiya wins international award for best virtual studio
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