Pro-Assad journalist kicked out of UN building in Geneva

Syrian state TV correspondent Roba Al-Hajli kicked out of the UN building in Geneva. (Screengrab)

Syrian state TV correspondent Roba al-Hajli was kicked out of the UN building in Geneva after she insultingly addressed the representatives of the Syrian people at the Geneva negotiations on Tuesday.

Some media reports said Hajli was deported from the country however according to journalists in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad what’s been confirmed so far is that she was expelled from the UN building after they took her journalism pass to cover the negotiations between the opposition and regime delegations.

According to a video of the incident, Hajli insulted the delegation of the Syrian opposition as they passed by the UN building in Geneva. None of the delegation members responded to her however when the relevant authorities in Geneva learnt about the incident, the police was instructed to escort her out of the UN building.

Journalists who work for media outlets in support of Assad said Switzerland had intended to also deport Hajli.

The Syrian state TV did not comment on the incident.

Some media reports said the Syrian opposition delegation submitted a complaint against Hajli due to her behavior which violates the practices of journalism.

Hajli is considered close to the Assad regime as she interviewed Assad several times and met him at different occasions.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:49 - GMT 06:49