Video: UNESCO-listed site turns into battlefield in Syria

Rebel fighters walk inside a 2nd century Roman amphitheater in the historic Syrian southern town of Bosra al-Sham, after they took control of the area March 25, 2015. (Reuters)

A video released recently by a Syrian heritage group depicts the state of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Bosra after it fell to rebel groups last month.

The historic town in southern Syria is home to a citadel built around a second century Roman amphitheater. It was seized by insurgents in March 2015, according to a group monitoring the war.

The UNESCO-listed site reportedly transformed into a battle field between Syrian government forces and rebel groups, as some of the fighting appears to have taken place within the site.

Footage released by the Association for the Protection of Syrian Archaeology shows broken mosaics and crushed stone artefacts.


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