Woman dies in her own funeral pyre claim doctors

A woman who had recently married in India probably burned to death in her own funeral pyre doctors have revealed according to the website Toronto Sun.

Her family have claimed that her husband intentionally carried out the burning while she was still alive.

The 23-year-old man and 11 other people are facing charges following the disappearance of Sisodia in mid-December. Her uncle, Kailash Singh, says she was reported missing Dec. 13.

Rachna Sisodia body was taken to the town of Aligarh, after she was pronounced dead at the Sharda Hospital in northern India, where her husband was to cremate her.

But as Sisodia’s body was placed among the roaring flames of the pyre, a member of her family suddenly came forward and said she was not dead. Her body was pulled from the fire but she had suffered burns to 70 percent of her body and was now showing no signs of life.

Doctors said the 24-year-old had died of cardiorespiratory arrest and acute respiratory distress syndrome. But an autopsy later revealed charred particles in her windpipe and lungs, which indicated that she was still breathing when she was placed on the fire.

“If a person is dead, such particles cannot reach the lungs and the windpipe,” police spokesman Rajesh Pandey said.
Pandey added that doctors therefore concluded she was burned alive on the pyre.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:49 - GMT 06:49