Woman attends hajj accompanied by her eight sons

The mother, pictured with her eight sons in Mina. (Photo courtesy of Okaz)

In a world of materialistic pursuits, a mother of eight who is performing hajj this year could be said to be very fortunate to have sons like her.

All the eight sons are competing with each other to take good care of their 70-year-old mother to make her pilgrimage as comfortable as possible.

They all want to win her satisfaction and love and are ready to go to any length to do that even if they have to enter into endless arguments over who owns the right to perform hajj rituals on her behalf.

Eventually the youngest son came up with a solution that worked well for all of them: He suggested that they will do it by taking turns. Each day two of them push her wheel chair and attend to her needs. By doing so, all of them enjoy a chance to please their mother fulfilling her long-time wish to perform hajj.

The eldest brother told Okaz/Saudi Gazette that they had been saving money for the past 20 years to come to Makkah and perform hajj with their beloved mother.


This article was first published in the Saudi Gazette, Oct. 5, 2014.

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