Video: 80% of Syria's children harmed by civil war

As the world marks five years since the start of the uprising in Syria and the subsequent war, Syrian children are suffering in silence.

The conflict has created 2.4 million child refugees, killed many and led to the recruitment of children as fighters.



In its report “No Place for Children,” UN children’s fund UNICEF said this week more than 8 million children in Syria and neighboring countries needed humanitarian assistance.

The report said around 3 million Syrian children in Syria or neighboring countries are not attending school.

In Lebanon there are at least 2 million refugees, of which 200,000 are children of school age who are currently not receiving any form of education. There are likely many more who are unregistered.

“We understand that the Lebanese system is under enormous pressure and... the British Council is committed to help increase access to quality education for Syrian refugees,” said Donna McGowan, country director for the British Council in Lebanon.

“Access to good quality education at all levels is crucial for Syria’s young people. It gives hope to refugee children and their families who want their futures to be back home in Syria. They must not become a lost generation deprived of the education and learning skills needed to rebuild their country when the conflict ends.”

In any case, those lucky enough to be in school often find themselves in the same class as students considerably older or younger than them.

(with Reuters)


Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:46 - GMT 06:46