Was there a love story between Muhammad Ali and an Egyptian girl?

Ali also visited archeological sites in Luxor as well as the pyramids and the Sphinx. (Archives, AlArabiya.net)

In 1964, Egyptian Al-Musawwir magazine published a report claiming that boxing legend Muhammad Ali had a love affair with an Egyptian girl called Inyat Mustafa. The news reached global media outlets as Ali’s then-wife Sonji Roi, with whom he had a disagreement at the time, had learnt about it.

Ali denied the report and commented in a few words saying it was a lie, adding that he was not even interested in filing a lawsuit against the magazine.

The boxing legend, who passed away on Friday following a battle with Parkinson’s, did visit Egypt in 1964 upon the invitation of the Arab Boxing Federation which was headquartered in Cairo.

Ali stayed in Egypt for 15 days during which he requested to meet with late President Gamal Abdelnasser, whom he wasn’t scheduled to meet with.

كلاي يصلي في الازهر

كلاي يصلي في الازهر

Egyptian media outlets covered Ali’s visit to Egypt and followed him throughout his entire stay. They documented his visit to al-Azhar mosque and his meeting with Abdelnasser.

One of the pictures showed Ali kissing a statue of Abdelnasser upon his arrival to the late president’s office to meet him.

Ali also visited the Aswan Dam and said he was impressed by it. According to news reports, he said that significant work was an obvious evidence of the greatness of Abdelnasser.

ويقبل تمثال عبدالناصر

ويقبل تمثال عبدالناصر

Ali also visited archeological sites in Luxor as well as the pyramids and the Sphinx.

In some of the photos taken of him during his visit, he is seen wearing a turban and riding camels and horses near the pyramids.

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