German cyclist Marcel Kittel wins second leg of Dubai Tour

Marcel Kittel shows his joy on the finish line. (Photo credit ANSA/Peri-Carconi)

German cyclists Marcel Kittel was the victor in the second stage of the Dubai Tour on Thursday, prevailing despite the windy weather conditions.

Speaking about his team’s strategy, Kittel said: “We planned to be in front out of the tunnel, because we knew the wind would be there, so it was a bit calculated.”

In a press conference following the win, the professional cyclist from Team Giant said he was thrilled to win the second leg of the tour.

“Crossing the finish line first is a very nice feeling, of course, and for me as a sprinter it’s important to get the win, but I like to celebrate it as a team win in the end. Because everyone works for one goal, and in the end I’m the lucky guy who gets to finish it off. It’s always a big relief when we finish first.”

Dubai Tour cyclist Taylor Phinney, who retains an overall lead in the race, said during the press conference that the winds the participants faced on Thursday would only get worse as the third leg will take place in the desert.

Dubai Tour

Dubai Tour

“Tomorrow’s the biggest day. We’re in the desert, and we’ll see how the wind is when we’re out there. Side winds make this one of the most unpredictable sports in the world.”

Dubai Tour is the first ever professional cycling race to take place in the emirate. Some of the world’s top cyclists have come to Dubai to participate in the 121 kilometer race that began on Wednesday.

The Dubai Tour, broken down into four stages, will challenge cyclists to ride 9.9, 122, 162 and 123 kilometers respectively over four days.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:41 - GMT 06:41