WATCH: Son of ‘Syria’s Ronaldo’ will play alongside CR7 in Juventus

We’ve all seen Christiano Ronaldo’s amazing double kick in the last UEFA Champions League, when he was a Real Madrid player, which resulted in a goal against his current team, Juventus.

But if we go back in time and towards the East a little, specifically to Syria, we would see a similar talent. Syrian star Munaf Ramadan, scored a goal just as stylish and historical as Ronaldo’s in 1988.

In 2015, four years into the Syrian war, Munaf and his son Ammar fled to take refuge in Italy, but only after Munaf passed on his gift to his son.

Once in Italy, and after a few friendly games, Italian football clubs rushed to try and sign Ammar Ramadan to play in their U16 teams, however, Juventus was the club Ammar chose, and he now plays in its U17 team as a forward player.

Ammar became the first Syrian to ever wear the Juve jersey, and if he was soon to be in the first team, it would be destiny playing games for him to be on the same team with Christiano Ronaldo.

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