Pilgrim and the seven magical seeds that brought Arab coffee to shores of India

Sunday, 07 October 2018

India, the world’s sixth-largest coffee grower, on an average produces about 3.2 lakh tons of ......

Political and economic challenges, Middle East’s major quandaries

Thursday, 04 October 2018

Shehab Al-Makahleh is Director of Geostrategic Media Center, senior media and political analyst in the Middle East, adviser to many international consultancies. He can be reached at: @shehabmakahleh and @Geostrat_ME


ISIS falsely claims responsibility for Ahwaz attack, Iranian opposition says

Saturday, 22 September 2018

An Ahwazi political group has refuted claims that ISIS carried out the deadly attack on a military ......

Idlib bloodbath: The next step in information warfare

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Azeem Ibrahim is Senior Fellow at the Centre for Global Policy and Adj Research Professor at the Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College. He completed his PhD from the University of Cambridge and served as an International Security Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and a World Fellow at Yale. Over the years he has met and advised numerous world leaders on policy development and was ranked as a Top 100 Global Thinker by the European Social Think Tank in 2010 and a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. He tweets @AzeemIbrahim


John McCain and the quest for an Arab hero

Tuesday, 04 September 2018

Makram Rabah is a lecturer at the American University of Beirut, Department of History. His forthcoming book Conflict on Mount Lebanon: The Druze, the Maronites and Collective Memory (Edinburgh University Press) covers collective identities and the Lebanese Civil War.


Once great legacy of Arabs, India reviving ancient underground water channels

Tuesday, 04 September 2018

One of the great legacies of Arabs and Persians to the world, the Qanat (Arabic for conduit) or ......

The Arab wave in US Congress

Thursday, 30 August 2018

 Walid Jawad is a former Senior Policy Analyst at U.S. Department of State and a former Washington, DC correspondent. He covered American politics for a number of TV outlets since 1997. Walid holds an undergraduate degree (B.A) in Decision Science and Management Information Systems and a Masters in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. You can follow him @walidaj


Brazil: A tropical haven for Arabs and Jews

Wednesday, 01 August 2018

If there is a place on earth that could be considered a true haven for both Arabs and Jews, it is ......

A new Arab system

Wednesday, 01 August 2018

Amr Moussa is a veteran Egyptian politician and diplomat and former Secretary-General of the Arab League. He tweets @amremoussa.


Arabs and the Chinese experience

Friday, 20 July 2018

Radwan al Sayed is a Lebanese thinker and writer who attained a bachelor degree from the Faculty of Theology at al-Azhar University and a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Tübingen in Germany. He has been a scholar of Islamic studies for decades and is the former editor-in-chief of the quarterly al-Ijtihad magazine. Radwan is also the author of many books and has written for Arab dailies such as al-Ittihad, al-Hayat and ash-Sharq al-Awsat.


Israel summons EU envoy in row over controversial bill

Friday, 13 July 2018

Israel summoned the EU ambassador on Thursday over allegations of interference in the passage of a ......

China pledges $20 billion loans for economic development in Arab states

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

China will provide Arab states with $20 billion in loans for economic development, President Xi ......

Muqtada Al Sadr and me: From Iran ties to a pan-Arab hero

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

In Iraq’s 2018 May 12 national elections, Muqtada al-Sadr surprisingly emerged with the ......

Arab women artists push activism boundaries with thought provoking performances

Friday, 25 May 2018

Arab female artists are increasingly using art as a tool of activism to raise socio-political ......

LISTEN: Arab celebratory sounds heard at Harry, Meghan’s royal wedding

Saturday, 19 May 2018

The long-awaited royal wedding of Prince Harry to Hollywood favorite Meghan Markle took place today ......