VIDEO: Before driving cars, women were flying the skies of Saudi Arabia

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Before the historic royal decree granting driving licenses to women in Saudi Arabia, they were able to fly the skies of the Kingdom in cities like Jeddah. Through the Saudi Aviation Club based in Jeddah, both the kingdom’s men and women were able to take air sports classes like paragliding and parachuting to gaining their operating licenses in general aviation and paramotoring. Al Arabiya’s Hanan Bukhari reports from Jeddah.

Uber trains women to drive in Saudi Arabia

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Uber has announced its intention to set up a specialized training center for women who want to work in the company in Saudi Arabia, pointing out that 80% of the users of the Uber app are women. “We welcome the decision for women to drive in Saudi Arabia,” said Pierre Coty, Uber vice president and head of operations for Europe, Middle East and Africa, pointing out that 80% of the app’s users are women and revealing the company’s intention to establish a specialized ...

Young Saudi man takes selfie with his mother driving

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

“I expect my mother to be the first Saudi woman to drive through Al-Raq’ei checkpoint. Thanks to security men," tweeted young Saudi director Fahad al-Sharif. Many interacted with al-Sharif’s tweet that featured a selfie with his mother behind the steering wheel. Twitter users hailed Al-Sharif’s mother's ability to drive the car on the road which connects the Saudi border with Kuwait and follows geographically the province of Hafr al-Batin in the eastern region of ...

Meet Dona al-Ghamdi, Saudi Arabia’s first female boxing champion

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

At age 20, Dona Mohammed al-Ghamdi has become the first Saudi girl to bag four international medals in boxing. In an interview with Al Arabiya, Dona said she started practicing to become a boxer as soon as she finished high school and now has three black belt and four medals. She has also won Arab several international titles. Dona took up boxing four years ago in her bid to lose weight after her previous attempts had failed. As a result, her weight had come down from 155 kg to 80 kilograms in ...

Lebanese security official dismissed because of ‘like’ against Saudi women

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Lieutenant Colonel Suzan al-Haj, Dirtector of the Office for Combating Cyber Crime and Protection of Intellectual Property at Lebanon's Internal Securuty Forces (ISF), lost her job despite being dubbed “the most powerful woman in Lebanon,” after liking a tweet that was derogatory to Saudi women. Maj. Gen. Imad Othman, Director General of the Internal Security Forces, dismissed al-Haj from her position and assigned Lt. Col. Albert Khoury in her position, according to local media ...

Saudi husband begins teaching his wife how to drive

Monday, 2 October 2017

A week after Saudi Arabia’s King Salman issued a decree allowing woman in the kingdom to drive, husbands began teaching their wives how to drive.Faisal BaDughaish tweeted a photo of him in a car with his wife driving. The tweet read: “I started training my wife to drive in a private and secure area, safely and legally.”The royal decree also ordered the establishment of a high-level committee of involving the ministries of internal affairs, finance, labor and social development. ...

Saudi women with recognized states’ licenses to directly get license

Sunday, 1 October 2017

The Saudi traffic spokesman, Colonel Tariq al-Rubaiean, announced a new privilege for Saudi women who wants to obtain driving licenses, if they met the criteria after applying the decision which would allow them to drive. On Sunday, Colonel Al-Rubaiean said that if a woman has a license from a recognized state, a Saudi license will be issued for her immediately, according to Al Rassed program on the news channel. The traffic spokesman added that according to the Supreme order, male and female ...

Women’s roles in Saudi Arabia: What they said, what we said

Sunday, 1 October 2017

As part of the cultural development which Saudi Arabia is witnessing, King Salman issued a historical decision to allow women to drive cars like their brothers. This is a complementary step towards a bright future. Developing societies is greatly important but some secondary major issues are often exaggerated for several reasons and become major obstacles. Women’s driving is an example of this in the Saudi social context. Vision 2030 led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman under the ...

Abdullah bin Bijad Al-Otaibi

New clause on Saudi marriage contracts after decree allowing women to drive

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Marriage contracts in Saudi Arabia are expected to see an additional line included after women in the kingdom were granted the right to drive.The section including conditions set by Saudi wives usually included three lines. Among the most popular conditions set included the provision of her own independent house, completing one’s education and not preventing her from working if she chose to.With King Salman’s decree granting driving licenses for women in Saudi Arabia, a new condition ...

Sheikh al-Manea: The basis for the decision allowing women to drive explained

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

As explained by Sheikh Abdullah Al-Manea, member of the Supreme Council of Senior Scholars of Saudi Arabia, the basis for the decision granting women the right to drive was only permitted by striking down the original text which banned women from driving in the first place. Sheikh Abdullah Al-Manea added that on the occasion of the instauration of the royal decree, traffic laws as well as all related executive regulations and procedures (including the issuance of driving licenses) will be ...

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