‘Punish a Muslim Day:’ Here’s what happened during the call for mass violence

Wednesday, 04 April 2018

Keep calm and carry on has been a popular phrase in Britain since 1939.The government came up with ......

Imam at British mosque stabbed in the neck in shocking ‘hate crime’

Monday, 25 September 2017

An Imam at a British mosque was stabbed in neck upon arrival at Altrincham Islamic Centre, in ......

VIDEO: Muslim man searched by London police for ‘wearing too many layers’

Sunday, 09 July 2017

In a video widely shared online this week, a Muslim man is seen handcuffed and searched by police in ......

London Muslims ‘scared to leave homes’ amid online panic over acid attacks

Wednesday, 05 July 2017

Rampant reports of acid attacks targeting Muslims are being shared online across the British capital ......

In hate crimes against Muslims, focus less on media, more on prosecution

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Yara al Wazir is a humanitarian activist. She is the founder of The Green Initiative ME and a developing partner of Sharek Stories. She can be followed and contacted on twitter @YaraWazir


Shocking ‘No Muslims’ sign seen in US store

Wednesday, 04 January 2017

A grocery shop in the US state of New Mexico is under fire for posting controversial signs — ......

Emirati man mistaken as ISIS militant in Ohio reveals details of ordeal

Monday, 04 July 2016

Emirati Ahmed al-Menhali has spoken to Al Arabiya about his arrest in Ohio for being mistaken for a ......

Are you Islamaphobic? Spoof gum commercial promises to cure that!

Sunday, 29 May 2016

A mock chewing gum is being advertised as a magical cure to relieve people of their prejudices ......

The OIC’s 10-year strategic plan for the Muslim world

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Maha Akeel is the Director of the information department at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Before joining the OIC, Akeel worked as a journalist for five years. She participated in local and international workshops and forums on women’s rights and the role of the media. She also wrote opinion articles about Saudi women, and was interviewed by several regional and international newspapers and broadcast channels including the Wall Street Journal, BBC World and Sky News. Akeel received her university education in the US and has an MBA and an MA in Communications and Cultural Studies. She tweets at @MahaAkeel1


We must not play into ISIS’s hands

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Maria Dubovikova is a prominent political commentator, researcher and expert on Middle East affairs. She is president of the Moscow-based International Middle Eastern Studies Club (IMESClub), expert of Valdai Club and RIAC (Russian International Affairs Council). Twitter: @politblogme


Challenging all those who distort Islam’s message

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Khalaf Ahmad al-Habtoor is a prominent UAE businessman and public figure. He is Chairman of the Al Habtoor Group - one of the most successful conglomerates in the Gulf. Al Habtoor is renowned for his knowledge and views on international political affairs; his philanthropic activity; his efforts to promote peace; and he has long acted as an unofficial ambassador for his country abroad. Writing extensively on both local and international politics, he publishes regular articles in the media and has released a number of books. Al-Habtoor began his career as an employee of a local UAE construction firm and in 1970 established his own company, Al Habtoor Engineering. The UAE Federation, which united the seven emirates under the one flag for the first time, was founded in 1971 and this inspired him to undertake a series of innovative construction projects – all of which proved highly successful.


Stand up comedy to tackle Islamophobia? Piece of ‘cake’

Monday, 26 October 2015

A comedy routine about a Muslim only cake business in the UK has helped create waves for newcomer ......

Shocking video: Muslim women suffer most as London hate crime soars

Wednesday, 09 September 2015

Muslim women in the UK are far more likely to fall victim to hate crimes, monitoring groups say, as ......

British govt’s delayed Muslim Brotherhood report slammed

Thursday, 23 July 2015

A report by the British government that was expected to say the Muslim Brotherhood should not be ......