ANALYSIS: How Iran views Pompeo’s entry into Trump administration

Sunday, 18 March 2018

The not so unexpected firing of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson comes at a shock for Iran’s regime. US President Donald Trump is very precise about having differences of opinion.“When you look at the Iran deal, I think it’s terrible,” Trump said. “I guess [Tillerson] thought it was okay. So we were not really thinking the same. With Mike, Mike Pompeo, we have a very similar thought process. I think it’s going to go very well.”Most analysts now ...

The departing Tillerson

Thursday, 15 March 2018

One of the worst periods that President Trump has gone through during his time in office was in August 2017 when he didn’t clearly condemn the violent acts of Iraqi extremist groups who protested the removal of a civil war statue. Three people were killed as a result of this violence. Trump was faced with a wave of criticism and he was accused of Nazism and racism. During this critical time, the last thing he needed was an official to add salt to injury. This is exactly what Rex Tillerson ...

Mamdouh AlMuhaini

Does Tillerson’s departure matter to us?

Thursday, 15 March 2018

It’s no surprise that US President Donald Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. What’s actually a surprise is that Trump, who is famous for his frankness and outburst of emotions, waited for over a year before firing him. Everyone knows that Tillerson did not see eye to eye with Trump in terms of several important matters such as the nuclear deal with Iran, the affair with North Korea and how to deal with Russia and of course Qatar. In addition to his differences with Trump, ...

Abdulrahman al-Rashed

Kremlin: Moscow-Washington relations cannot fall lower

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Relations between Moscow and Washington cannot fall further after the departure of the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, said the Kremlin Wednesday. Replacing Tillerson is head of the CIA Mike Pompeo. US President Donald Trump remarked on Tuesday that he had "difficult relations" with Tillerson. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Piskov said that Russia is hoping for a "constructive" approach from the United States. "It is difficult to fall from this point. It is ...

Tillerson: Important to ensure smooth transition, US must respond to Russia’s behavior

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Outgoing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned in his farewell remarks on Tuesday that Washington must do more to respond to Russia’s “troubling behavior and actions.”After he was sacked by President Donald Trump, Tillerson also said US efforts to pressure North Korea had worked better than expected and revealed he would pass authority to his deputy at midnight.The former oil executive said he would remain at the department until March 31 to conclude an administrative ...

Trump ousts Tillerson, names Mike Pompeo successor

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday announced the departure of his top diplomat Rex Tillerson, to be succeeded by the current CIA chief Mike Pompeo. "Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of State. He will do a fantastic job!" Trump tweeted. "Thank you to Rex Tillerson for his service!" he added. The US president announced the appointment of Gina Haspel to head the Central Intelligence Agency -- the first woman tapped for the post. US President ...

Erdogan spokesman says Turkey talks with Syria on hold, messages conveyed

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Turkey is not in direct talks with the Syrian government, but its messages are being indirectly conveyed to Damascus, President Tayyip Erdogan’s spokesman said on Wednesday. Ibrahim Kalin also told a news conference that Ankara remains optimistic, but cautious, regarding ties with the United States after last week’s visit to Ankara by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Tillerson’s visit to Beirut fails to address simmering tensions

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Since Obama’s era, any US statement opposing Hezbollah is invariably followed by praise and support for the Lebanese army and security forces.The reason for this stance does not stem from US support for Israel, but from the fact that US and France were the main promoters of UN Resolutions 1559 and 1701.Hezbollah’s vice-like gripUN Resolution 1559 was issued in 2004 against the presence of Syrian military and of armed militias on Lebanese territory, while UN Resolution 1701 places the ...

Radwan al-Sayed

Tillerson considers Hezbollah as ‘part of political process’ in Lebanon

Thursday, 15 February 2018

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Wednesday conceded that Iran-backed Hezbollah is part of the “political process” in Lebanon, appearing to soften Washington’s tone ahead of a visit to the country. “We support a free, democratic Lebanon free of influence of others, and we know that Lebanese Hezbollah is influenced by Iran. This is influence that we think is unhelpful in Lebanon’s long-term future,” Tillerson said at a press conference in Jordan. “We ...

US Secretary of State says Washington backs Egypt in fight against terrorism

Monday, 12 February 2018

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Monday the United States supports Egypt’s fight against Islamic State but reiterated that it advocated free and fair elections in the Arab country. Speaking at a joint news conference with his Egyptian counterpart, Tillerson also said that Washington remained committed to achieving a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians, despite President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Tillerson ...

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