Saudi Arabia and the US: A common cause, common destiny

Friday, 16 March 2018

We are on the eve of a visit by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the United States. It can be reasonably articulated that this is perhaps the most significant visit to Washington in recent memory. The earlier visit of President Trump to Riyadh came at a critical juncture in the relationship. Simply put, a gap had opened in the viewpoints of long held, mutual strategic interests. The visit of President Trump had not only closed these gaps, but the subsequent policy decisions and implemented ...

Faisal Al-Shammeri

Saudi women to start own business without male permission

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Women in Saudi Arabia can now open their own businesses without the consent of a husband or male relative, as the kingdom pushes to expand a fast-growing private sector. The policy change, announced by the Saudi government on Thursday, also marks a major step away from the strict guardianship system. “Women can now launch their own businesses and benefit from (governmental) e-services without having to prove consent from a guardian,” the ministry of commerce and investment said on ...

Future Studios forum opens as Saudi Arabia seeks to re-imagine quality of life

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

What is Quality of Life and how can the Kingdom shape it for generations to come? This is the question Saudi Arabia is embracing as it hosts “Future Studios”, a unique global gathering, where it brings together futurists, entrepreneurs and visionaries with the Kingdom’s key policymakers. The goal? To co-create a vision of quality of life for the people of Saudi Arabia from the people of Saudi Arabia: giving a voice to various stakeholders of society to inform, challenge and ...

Hopes high for the Saudi Vision 2030

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

In the aftermath of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s unveiling of the unprecedented Vision 2030 reforms, a sense of renaissance seems to exist in Saudi Arabia. Diversifying the oil economy along new routes for rapid progress, it is definitely the brainchild of the young Prince; however, he modestly insists he is only “one of 20 million people. I am nothing without them.” Nevertheless, such a holistic package for economic, cultural and societal reform has not been seen before ...

Sabena Siddiqui

King Salman’s rule, three years on

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Saudi Arabia recently announced its largest budget ever. The approved budget, which exceeds 1 trillion SAR, confirmed the path of development and construction. It conveys the ability to stop relying on oil as a sole resource, in accordance with Vision 2030 that is sponsored by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.The Saudi kingdom also celebrated three years of King Salman’s rule. In the past three years, the world got to know a new Saudi Arabia – a decisive and determinant Saudi ...

Abdullah bin Bijad Al-Otaibi

A New Saudi Arabia to the world: We are open for business

Monday, 11 December 2017

Transformative. That is the word commonly uttered when discussing monumental events unfolding in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2017. A country that long isolated itself from the rest of the world, it consequently manifested a reputation as an ultra-conservative country detached from modernity and disconnected from the world. But the pendulum is finally swinging the other way, as Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s Vision 2030, a plan designed to transform the Saudi economy and society, is ...

In landmark move, Saudi Arabia to issue cinema licenses in early 2018

Monday, 11 December 2017

Cinemas in Saudi Arabia will get their licenses in 2018. “As the industry regulator, the General Commission for Audiovisual Media has started the process for licensing cinemas in the Kingdom,” Minister of Culture and Information Awwad bin Saleh Alawwad said in a statement. ”We expect the first cinemas to open in March 2018.” The government had promised a shake-up of the cultural scene with a set of “Vision 2030” reforms announced by Crown Prince Mohammed bin ...

Mohammad bin Salman explains why he is always in a hurry

Friday, 24 November 2017

With policies and programs set in motion in Saudi Arabia, the question for New York Times’ Thomas L. Friedman was whether Mohammed bin Salman and his team can see this through. He chose not to make predictions and even says that the Crown Prince’s circle of advisers don’t always challenge him sufficiently. But the question still remains whether he has a tendency to start too many things, and if yes, why? According to Friedman, perfect is not on the menu here. Someone had to do ...

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