Is Trump walking the US back to social strife and inequality?

Thursday, 07 September 2017

 Walid Jawad is a former Senior Policy Analyst at U.S. Department of State and a former Washington, DC correspondent. He covered American politics for a number of TV outlets since 1997. Walid holds an undergraduate degree (B.A) in Decision Science and Management Information Systems and a Masters in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. You can follow him @walidaj


Tunisian Islamic scholars support president’s call for gender equality

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

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Tunisia MPs back equal opportunity for women in public life

Friday, 10 January 2014

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Questioning women’s rights in Turkey? Ask a woman

Saturday, 07 December 2013

Ceylan Ozbudak is a Turkish political analyst, television presenter, and executive director of Building Bridges, an Istanbul-based NGO.  As a representative of Harun Yahya organization, she frequently cites quotations from the author in her writings. She can be followed on Twitter via @ceylanozbudak