Video: ‘Sidewalk Skiing’ the new craze for Saudi racing daredevils

 A new racing craze in Saudi Arabia is putting Hollywood stunts to shame.

Extreme motorsport lovers are flocking to the desert in the northern city of Hail to witness “sidewalk skiing”, the technique where the driver balances the car on two wheels while people cling on the outside of the moving vehicle.

One of the stunts, performed by a group of young Saudi men who call themselves the “Impossible Group”, kicks off as a small sedan drives off a ramp so it speeds on just two wheels.

”I raise the car on two wheels and drive it on the right and left sides. I do a lot of acrobatic movements, including taking the tires off [while driving] to jump on the sidewalks of the road while driving on two wheels, driving in the desert, lots of things really, with small and large cars, and any car,” says the driver and team leader Captain al-Mustaheel, nicknamed “Captain Impossible”.

Team members then climb out of the car and take two of its tires off before placing them back on the wheels.

“The movements are frankly exhilarating; creating happiness with little danger and creativity, and the audience enjoys it. Unlike the hand break turn movements, unlike accidents, it is possible to get into a minor accidents. Risk is involved in everything, but there’s not much danger in this,” explains a member of the “Impossible Group” who goes by the nickname “Shahoot”.

Members of the group ride on top of the car as it cruises down the desert highway, followed by an entourage of vehicles.

“In the eyes of the viewer, these movements are dangerous. It is not dangerous, it’s normal, except if the speed is high. There are dangers even if they are driving on four wheels, but when driving at the speed of 20, 30, 40 (km per hour) at the event, and with the presence of the public along with safety measures and support in place, things are good,” says “Captain Impossible”.

“Our role with ‘Captain Impossible’ is to take the tires off. He is versed in professional leadership-driving. We are not afraid because we are taking security measures and drive safely. God willing, we will excel, and if there was no creativity, there will be no development,” echoes “Shahoot”.

“Captain Impossible” who enjoys life in the fast lane hopes someday he’ll be able to develop his driving skills even further.
“I have a high capacity and have a good concentration, and I hope to go outside Saudi Arabia to the United States, Britain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Bahrain, any country where there is space [for Motorsports] and big companies that embrace the talent,” he says.

The open roads in Saudi Arabia’s desert provide an ideal location for car racing and home to the annual Hail Baja Rally.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:40 - GMT 06:40