Saudi historical artifacts on display in Rome

In the center of Rome on Saturday, Italians and visitors to the city discovered the heritage and civilization of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula, as part of the celebrations marking 80 years of ties between Saudi Arabia and Italy.

At the festivities, 160 unique historical artifacts were on display at Rome’s Vittoriano Museum, marking the first time that archeological pieces from Saudi Arabia’s history were exhibited in a foreign country.

The artifacts, which range from the pre-Islamic era to the Arabian renaissance era will be on display in Italy for two months.

Throughout the four-day show, the event attracted around 42,500 visitors.

Dr. Nasser Al-Hejailan, undersecretary for cultural affairs at Saudi Arabia's ministry of culture and information, dubbed the event as successful.

“This event introduced the Italian people to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its culture, civilization, heritage and the values it embraces. It left a big impact on the Italian society and conveyed a message about the kingdom and its people to the whole world, and to Italians in particular, that Saudi Arabia is open to the world and is proud of its religion, heritage and values,” Al-Hejailan said at the occasion.

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