Video: ‘Jawazat’ song pokes fun at Saudi crackdown on illegal workers

The recent crackdown on illegal workers in Saudi Arabia has led a group of men to create a satirical video, uploaded to YouTube, poking fun at the raids by the “Jawazat”-referring to the authorities- who have already arrested thousands of illegal workers.

Saudi Arabia’s seven-month grace period to correct the labor and residency status of foreigners ended last week and the all-out security inspection campaigns have left many shops and streets of the kingdom with fewer people than usual.

More than 9 million of Saudi Arabia’s 28 million inhabitants are foreigners, according to Reuters.

The song “Jawazat” already has 1,012,065 views on YouTube and shows a group of men pretending to be illegal immigrants hiding in a shared dormitory commonly referred to in Saudi Arabia as an “ezba,” when one of their friends comes to warn them that the authorities are on their way.

The comedians, who live in Saudi Arabia and represent different nationalities, have published other videos on their YouTube channel “The Khalli Walli Show.”

Faez Choudhary, Ahmed al-Khaldi , Ghaffar Khan , Omer Khalid and Billal Arshad are all part of the video in which a song with Arabic lyrics is performed.

“The Jawazat are coming my friend,” they sing, “hurry, hurry, think fast, where to hide, where to hide.”

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:41 - GMT 06:41