An Egyptian Britney? Video of schoolgirl dancing goes viral

The last time a clip of a schoolgirl dancing attracted attention was probably something to do with Britney Spears.

Now, a video of an Egyptian schoolgirl shaking her hips has erupted online and it’s far from the pigtails and crop tops you might imagine.

Tying her waist with a wrap and belly dancing to Egyptian techno-pop music, the girl was filmed in what appears to be an empty school classroom.

Commenting on the clip to daily newspaper Al Ahram, Egyptian education minister Dr. Mahmoud Abu al-Nasr said the student belonged to a dance school and was showing off her skills in a “professional manner.”

It was also revealed the video was filmed five years ago, but has only gone viral now.

The minister did not identify the school the student was filmed in, nor did he reveal whether it was a government or a private school.

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