Turkish Airlines cabin attendant fired for ‘racy’ photos

The 31-year-old woman, identified only as only as Z.Ş., was fired after her bosses discovered photos of her dressed in revealing clothes. (Photo courtesy of Mail Online)

A Turkish Airlines cabin attendant was fired for posing in “revealing” clothes for an Italian magazine photo-shoot, Istanbul-based newspaper Hurriyet Daily News reported on Thursday.

The 31-year-old woman, identified only as only as Z.Ş., was fired after airline managers discovered photos of her dressed in gothic-style corset and bustier and other raunchy low-cut tops she wore for an Italian magazine when she was a model.

The photos, in addition to a video of the photo-shoot showing her in a skimpy bikini that flaunted her tattooed body, have been circulating social media sites.

Speaking about the reasons behind her dismissal, a spokesman from the airline told Mail Online: “There are certain standards and qualities we expect from our staff and modelling is not one of them.”

Turkish Airlines landed in hot water last year after banning air hostesses from wearing brightly-colored cosmetics such as red or pink, sparking the ire of many concerned about once-fiercely secular Turkey turning more “Islamic” under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Preferred colors

“Simple make-up, immaculate and in pastel colors, is preferred for staff working in the service sector,” a statement from Turkish Airlines said then defending the ban.

Thousands of women posted pictures of themselves wearing bright red lipstick protest the measure creating a social media storm that eventually led to the lifting of the ban.

The company, which is Turkey’s flagship airline, also raised the concerns of many secularists following an alcohol ban on some flights, and after photos of proposed women’s uniforms - ankle-length dresses and Ottoman-style fez caps – emerged last year.

The “conservative” uniforms were eventually not adopted.

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