Hollande teased online for ‘looking like Borat’

An outfit worn by French President François Hollande’s during a state visit to Kazakhstan reminded many Twitter users of the notorious film character of Kazakh journalist Borat.

The photo was originally posted on the Kazakh president’s Instagram account before it was quickly removed at the request of officials at the Elysée who said that no photos be taken of Hollande in the outfit, gifted by his Kazakh counterpart, the Telegraph reported.

The French president clad in a fur hat and coat was the subject of several tweets that equated Holande with albeit fictional, but politically incorrect Borat.

One user, @HdmilesD, tweeted: "Has the president finally admitted that he is the leader of the communist republic of France?"


The photo was snapped Friday morning during a visit meant to strengthen ties between France and Kazakhstan.

Kazakh officials had requested Hollande’s measurements ahead of the visit to gift the president a custom-made Chapka and beige fur coat, the traditional gift given to foreign heads of state.

While French officials gave up the details, they maintained that no photos be taken of Hollande in the costume, a request ignored by the official photographer of Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Hollande was accompanied by some 40 French business leaders intent on developing relations with the energy-rich Asian country.

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