Study concludes men are more ‘idiotic’ than women

Screenshot of American film Dumb and Dumber. (YouTube)

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal has come to a rather unstarting conclusion for some: Men are indeed more idiotic than women.

The study, which looked into a specific type of risk behavior termed “idiotic,” was based on winners of the Darwin Award, which records the death of individuals who have died in an idiotic manner.

The study reviewed 318 Darwin Award nominations, comparing the ratio of male winners to female ones. It excluded 14 that had been awards shared by both genders.

It found a disproportionate number of men winning the award: almost nine out of every 10 were male.

To qualify for an award, the individual needs to have died in such an idiotic manner that “their action ensures the long-term survival of the species, by selectively allowing one less idiot to survive.”

The study notes the stringent criteria the Darwin Awards Committee uses in its classification of extremely idiotic deaths.

“Darwin Awards are unlikely to be awarded to individuals who
shoot themselves in the head while demonstrating that a gun is unloaded. This occurs too often and is classed as an accident,” the study said.

“In contrast, candidates shooting themselves in the head to demonstrate that a gun is loaded may be eligible for a Darwin Award,” the study adds.

The study was used to test the “male idiot theory,” in which “many of the differences in risk seeking behavior, emergency department admissions, and mortality may be explained by the observation that men are idiots and idiots do stupid things.”

“Males thus made up 88.7 percent of Darwin Award winners, and this sex difference is highly statistically significant,” the study found.

The study said the findings were consistent with MIT and “supports the hypothesis that men are idiots and idiots do stupid things.”




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