Volunteering among Saudi youth on the rise: Expert

A volunteer helps a motorist quench his thirst. — Courtesy photo

An expert here said volunteering is on the rise in Saudi Arabia as more young male and female Saudis are becoming aware of social and environmental issues in the Kingdom.

“Young people are keen to help out in their community and become volunteers,” said Sadiq Bin Abdulkareem, assistant director of Namaa Charity Organization previously called Charitable Warehouse.

He announced that a total of 443 young Saudis from various parts of Jeddah have joined Nama as volunteers to support local projects. According to Abdulkareem, Namaa recently established its volunteering gate to make it easy for young people to join and help execute local projects.

Abdulkareem said volunteers should have experience in administering first aid and attend a training course in providing basic life support.

“We provide them with training to ensure they are qualified and capable before they go out in the field,” Abdulkareem said while adding volunteering helps to build character and boosts confidence.

Nama Charity Organization sponsors and executes a number of projects. It sponsors thousands of poor families in Jeddah by giving them smart cards so they can purchase food. It also helps poor families obtain clothing and recycled furniture and offers courses to the children of poor families.

The organization has developed strategic partnerships with private and public sector companies and strives to ease the burden of the poor and help rehabilitate them.

The article was first published in the Saudi Gazette

Last Update: Thursday, 09 April 2015 KSA 10:27 - GMT 07:27