U.S. Muslim police hopeful receives Canadian offer after hijab snub

Police in Ohio did not allow Ismahan Isse (pictured) to continue her job as policewoman because of her Islamic headscarf. (YouTube screengrab)

The Edmonton Police Service in Canada has offered an American Muslim woman a job after her home state of Ohio stated that to become a police officer, she must remove her headscarf.

But Staff Sgt. Mark Farnell, an Edmonton police recruiter, learned about Somali-American Ismahan Isse’s dilemma online, The Columbus Dispatch reported.

Farnell saw an opportunity in taking on 29-year-old Isse and stated that Edmonton police had designed a uniform for Muslim women that includes the headscarf.

“She really wanted to be a police officer,” Farnell said. “Why not touch base [and] see if she is interested in coming to Canada and take a look? She’s a great potential applicant to us.”

If Isse agrees, she would first have to become a permanent resident of Canada, a status she could be granted because of the job, Farnell said.

“I’m actually considering it strongly,” said Isse, who spoke to Farnell on Friday and has an associate degree in criminal justice.

In Ohio, Isse was told that she could not wear her hijab during training, but wore it during the preceding background interviews.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:45 - GMT 06:45