Chinese show blocks actress with cartoons over ‘religious headscarf’

Chinese actress Ning Jing was covered with a cartoon of a green cactus. (Photo courtesy: Hunan TV)

A Chinese reality TV show has blocked out images of a local celebrity with bizarre cartoon images as she was wearing what looked like an Islamic hijab.

A green cactus, a pink helmet and yellow spiky hair were used to block the images of 43-year-old actress Ning Jing who wore what looked like an Islamic head covering on the show “Divas Hit the Road, ” which saw its latest episode filmed in Dubai.

The program – which sees celebrities travel abroad on a budget - is aired on Hunan TV. A spokesman for the TV station told that the images were edited over Jing because “her clothes touch the religious topic, hence are not suitable to broadcast,” according to the Daily Mail.

Although the cartoons were edited over Jing, her voice remained audible on the show and her skirt visibly flowed behind the cactus.

The Islamic head covering has been banned in the regional capital of the Muslim region of Xinjiang in north eastern China, Urumqi, since the beginning of the year.

Some media outlets described the decision as “an effort to curb growing extremism,” the Daily Mail reported.

Users of the Chinese version of Twitter, Weibo, launched the hashtag #NingjingBlurred which soon turned into a trending topic.

The production team’s attention to detail didn’t go to waste as users even noticed the reflection of the Santa hat adorned cactus cartoon on a fellow celebrity’s sunglasses in the video clip.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 13:56 - GMT 10:56