More and more Saudis fall in love with motorcycles

Mansour, who is also known as Bob, is a team leader with the famous US bike manufacturer Harley-Davidson. (Saudi Gazette)

Over recent years, the number of Harley riders in Saudi Arabia has increased. Some of these Saudis have become so addicted to biking that they no longer use cars.

Mohammed Mansour is one of those Saudi motorcycle riders, currently living in Bahrain. He fell in love with motorcycles at a young age, and since that time has focused on educating himself more about the world of motorcycles.

For Mansour, his motorcycle is a way to relieve stress and tension. He has even traveled to several neighboring countries, such as Jordan, on motorcycle.

Mansour, who is also known as Bob, is a team leader with the famous US bike manufacturer Harley-Davidson. He also works as a safety trainer and teaches new Harley riders.

Since becoming addicted to motorcycles, Mansour’s attitude toward cars has changed completely.

“I do not feel secure when I ride cars,” he says. “I have a car, but I gave it to my wife a long time ago. I go everywhere by the motorcycle. I learned to drive motorcycles at a young age and I loved it.”

He inherited his love of motorcycles from the older males in his family and he sees it as quite normal.

“My grandfather and my dad were motorcycle riders,” he said.
His love of motorcycles saw him go into business with them; he started buying and selling motorcycles for a number of years.

“I buy a motorcycle, drive it and start to have strong emotions for it,” Mansour says. “I keep the motorcycle; however, when I fall in love with a new one, I sell the old motorcycle and purchase the new one.”

He took several courses after that in Britain to become a certified motorcycle instructor and teach new riders about safety and handling of motorcycles.

“My daughter is 11 years old and she knows how to ride a motorcycle, but that does not mean that she is a rider,” he says. “She should take training. There is an academy in Bahrain that teaches how to ride a motorcycle. Even senior riders sometimes come and take courses.”

He wants his daughter to be a motorcycle rider and he always try to give her tips until the right time comes and she learns how to be a great rider.
Mansour says his wife sees his bike as his second wife.

“When I am mad or sad my wife gives me the key of the motorcycle and tells me ‘go for a ride,’” he says. “I drive for several hours until I am in a good mood and come back.”

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 12:05 - GMT 09:05