Obese sisters walk for the first time after shedding a stone each

Yogita Rameshbhai Nandwana (right), 5, and Amisha (left), 3, finally took their first steps without help after specialists put them on a restrictive diet because their parents were so concerned for their health. (Photo courtesy: Daily Mail)

Two obese sisters living in Gujarat, India, walked together unaided for the first time after losing a portion of the excessive weight that has affected their start to life.

According to the Daily Mail, Yogita Rameshbhai Nandwana, 5, and Amisha, 3, took their first steps after specialists put them on a restricted diet.

Three months ago, the sisters weighed 5st 5lbs and 7st 8lbs, leaving them unable to do anything for themselves, resulting in their parents concern for their health, the report added.

Since stopping their daily diet of 18 chapatis, 3lbs of rice, two bowls of broth, six packets of crisps, five packs of biscuits, 12 bananas and a litre of milk, the sisters managed to loose 13lbs each.

Their brother, Harsh, who also suffers from obesity, has also been on a diet to try and reduce his excess weight.

Their health problem concerned father, Rameshbhai Nandwana, 34, who considered selling a kidney to pay for medical help.

Doctors believe that the three suffer from Prader-Willi syndrome which gives sufferers a constant desire to eat food.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:46 - GMT 06:46