Shock as Trump likens immigrants to a poisonous snake

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during the Republican candidates debate in Miami. (File photo: Reuters)

Donald Trump has courted more controversy on Tuesday when he likened immigrants to a ‘poisonous snake’.

Quoting lyrics from the 1968 Al Wilson song, "The Snake", Trump said: “’Oh shut up, silly woman,’ said the reptile with a grin. ‘You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.’”

The lyrics to the song, which Trump has reportedly recited before, tells the story of an ill snake who is taken into her home by a kindly woman. The snake is nursed back to health, but then delivers a poisonous bite to its host.

“We have to make sure we know who we’re letting in,” Trump said.

Trump scored victories Tuesday in three states, including the big-prize Florida, but lost Ohio to the state's governor, John Kasich, as the billionaire continued to move ahead in his stunning campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

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