Muslim woman poses for selfies next to anti-Muslim protesters in Belgium

Zakia Belkhiri is seen taking a selfie with right-wing protesters. (Photo courtesy: Twitter)

A far-right group recently gathered outside of a Muslim Expo in Belgium to protest against what they saw as an event promoting Islamic lifestyle, art and culture.

Around 40 member of Vlaams Belang, a right-wing Belgian political party, carried posters that showed their overt rejection to anything Muslim from mosques, scarves and Halal food in the northern city of Antwerp.

Yet the protests did not seem to break the spirit of Zakia Belkhiri, who bravely started a counter-protest of her own.

Instead, the young Muslim woman, who was donning her Islamic headscarf, took selfies next to the protesters, flashing a peace sign and a smile.

Belkhiri shared the pictures on her Twitter account and to her surprise, it went viral.

Belkhiri also seized the opportunity to send a message of peace after her pictures gained momentum.



Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:47 - GMT 06:47