Body language expert: Obama ‘out-manspread’ Trump

Patti Wood pointed out that Obama’s legs were far wider than Trump’s, revealing that he was subconsciously saying he was in charge

Body language expert Patti Wood told the MailOnline that much has gone unsaid based on US President Barack Obama and President-Elect Donald’s Trump’s first meeting.

Wood pointed out that Obama's legs were far wider than Trump's, revealing that he was subconsciously saying he was “still on top” compared to the latter.

Trump on the other hand showed signs of fear by clutching his hands throughout the meeting billed as “awkward” after years of the Republican doubting Obama’s heritage and months of a bitter-fought election that saw Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton defeated.

“Obama was extremely fatigued, resigned and not hopeful but very presidential. Trump was serious and showed indications he heard information that made him fearful,” Wood told the MailOnline.

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