Young reckless Saudi drifter records own moment of near death

A video documented what could have been the last few minutes of a Saudi young man’s life, when his car flipped while hr was drifting and speeding with friends.

In the video that spread on social network, it appeared that the young man was driving with his friends listening to loud music when the car flipped after he attempted a stunt.

The young boy looks no older than 17-years-old, the minimum age in Saudi Arabia were a man can obtain a temporary permit to drive. Al Arabiya English cannot independently verify the driver's age.

According to Saudi traffic authorities, at least one driver gets into an accident in the kingdom every second, while at least 20 people - mostly young Saudi men - die per day to speeding, drifting or reckless driving.

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In August, the kingdom announced a significant increase in penalties, such as traffic fines and stricter legislation, in the hope that it will curb the phenomenon.

New amendments to the traffic law code stipulate that a driver caught drifting on a first offense will receive a 20,000-riyal penalty ($5,330.85), in addition to the car being impounded for 15 days. A second-time offender will be fined 40, 000 riyals ($10,661.69) and referred to court to determine whether a prison sentence will be handed down.

A third time offender will see that fine increase to 60,000 riyals ($16,000) in addition to potential jail time and car being confiscated permenantly.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:48 - GMT 06:48