Saudi girl rescues 55 students from deadly bus accident

A Saudi student in her third year of high school saved 55 of her classmates, along with the Pakistani driver, from a horrendous accident, while they were returning from exams on Sunday.

Fatima al-Saab told Al that she learned the basics on driving while taking trips to the desert with her family.

Fatima said although she was not a pro, she was still able to grip the steering wheel and crash into an electricity pole, causing the bus to stop.

According to the high school student, the bus driver appeared tired, and the bus began to sway.

“I was sitting in the seat directly behind the driver when I noticed he could no longer control the bus after he took a sharp turn from the center of the road causing the students to scream.”

The bus driver fainted and the bus was heading towards the electrical room when I jumped out of my seat and took control by swerving the bus in the opposite direction and hitting an electrical pole. I looked beside me after the bus stopped and found my friend Ashwaq right besides me.”

The office of education in Al Jumum honored the two students, on behalf of the education department of Mecca, for their role in preventing a deadly accident and saving lives. The students requested that drivers undergo periodical medical examinations from now on.


Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:50 - GMT 06:50