Doctor says treatment for ‘world’s heaviest woman’ available in Egypt for free

Eman Abdelaty (L) Dr. Sharif Hathoot (R)

An Egyptian physician has rebuffed claims there was a lack of medical treatment available in Egypt for the ‘word’s heaviest woman’, and said Eman Abdelaty family’s rejected an offer for free treatment locally.

Dr. Sharif Hathoot rebuked, in an exclusive interview with Al Arabiya, what he the claims made by Indian physicians who diagnosed Abdelaty with an incurable disease due to genetic defects as a reason behind her massive weight gain over the years.

“The fact that there is no cure for her medical case is not accurate, otherwise how did she lose 150 kilograms of her weight so far?” Hathoot asked.

“We actually offered her free medical treatment in the biggest and most prominent specialized medical center in al-Kasr al-Ayni, which houses a team of experts specialized in the treatment of obesity. But her sister refused for Eman to be treated in a public hospital saying she favored sending her to India,” Hathoot told Al Arabiya.

“Whatever is been offered by the Indian doctor is no doubt available in Egypt,” he said.

A special gene study focused on samples from the patient found that the cause for her weight problem was in the leptin receptor gene. Apparently the defect makes her feel hungry all the time.

According to doctors, Eman is the only person in the world with this obesity-causing gene defect.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:49 - GMT 06:49