Egyptian woman brutally assaulted for refusing free cigarettes

Abir Ahmad Khalil was brutally assaulted after she refused to give them cigarettes for free. (Al Arabiya)

A 37-year-old Egyptian woman, Abir Ahmad Khalil, was brutally assaulted by three brothers after she refused to give them cigarettes for free. The incident happened on Thursday in the supermarket she runs in Sidi Salem in Kafr El Sheikh Governorate, north of Egypt.

The three men asked for the cigarettes, which she gave them and demanded they pay for it. They refused to pay so she tried to take the cigarettes back but they attacked her with fists and with wooden sticks, seriously injuring her in the process.

The supermarket’s owner, who is Abir’s brother-in-law, rushed to Abir’s help as soon as he learnt of the incident. He took Abir to hospital and then went to the Sidi Salem Police Station and filed a report against the three men.

Call for action

Many Egyptians took to social media to voice sympathy for Abir and called for quick arrest of the men who assaulted her and dragged her in front of passersby. They also smashed part of the shop.

Abir’s brother-in-law identified the three men in the police report he filed. One of them was arrested while the others are being pursued.

According to the medical report by Sidi Salem Hospital, Abir’s eyes are swollen and she has suffered multiple injuries and bruises all over her body. She also has a cut in her head.

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