Snake on a plate: Indonesian villagers feast on python after it bit man’s arm

The python was lying on the side of a road before a group of villagers attempted to capture it. (Photo: Sutarja via Kompas)

A group of villagers in the village in the Indagiri Hulu regency of Riau, Indonesia, reportedly feasted on a seven-meter python after it had attacked and nearly mauled a man’s arm.

According to Sutarja, chief of the Batang Gangsal police station, Robert Nababan, 37, called his friends after seeing the python lying on the side of a road. They then came to help capture the snake before it bit Robert’s arm.

“When Robert tried to cover the snake’s head with a sack, the snake retaliated. The snake bit his arm. The victim (Robert, not the snake) tried to get free, but the snake tightened its bite. The snake even tried to grip (Robert). Several of Robert’s friends tried to help him. Soon after, the snake released its bite,” Sutarja told local Indonesian newspaper Kompas.

“The snake was fried (to be eaten) by locals. The victim (Robert) often catches snakes,” Sutarja added.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:50 - GMT 06:50