Footage shows how toddlers and teachers braved deadly Mexico earthquake


Surveillance footage has shown the moments when toddlers and older children were being evacuated from a Mexico City school during September's deadly 7.1-magnitude earthquake.

The kids are seen being unable to stand at some points due to the intensity of the quake. Teachers are also seen ushering them to sit on the ground and huddle together in groups.

The search for victims of the earthquake that killed hundreds in Mexico City ended on Wednesday as rescue workers recovered the body of the last person known to be missing beneath the rubble of collapsed buildings.

Deputy Interior Minister Roberto Campa said all the bodies had been recovered from the ruins of an office building in the upscale Roma district of the capital. The search at other buildings that collapsed ended several days ago.

In total 369 people died in the Sept. 19 earthquake, the most deadly in a generation, with almost two-thirds of the fatalities in the capital. Earlier that month, 98 people died when an even more powerful tremor hit the south of the country.


Last Update: Saturday, 7 October 2017 KSA 13:22 - GMT 10:22

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Footage shows how toddlers and teachers braved deadly Mexico earthquake
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