Iranian ‘Angelina Jolie’ takes cover off her ‘fake face’

According to Sahar, she was on a diet for months to maintain her weight at just 40 kilograms. (Supplied)

The Iranian girl who claimed to have had 50 plastic surgeries to resemble Angelina Jolie has admitted that her whole story was a lie.

Sahar Tabar had shared several selfies of her enhanced face on her Instagram account which reached 296,000 followers. She also stated that she went through extreme diet programs for months and lost 50 kilograms to reach Jolie’s weight of 40 kilograms.

She later said that she committed this fraud to entertain herself.

Tabar later said that she would not want to look like anyone else. (Supplied)

When the photos first came out, viewers who were well-versed in Photoshop had said that she was definitely tweaking them as her backgrounds looked abnormal.

Tabar claimed she had undergone 50 plastic surgeries. (Supplied)

Tabar later admitted to using Photoshop among other programs to exaggerate and enhance her features to look like Jolie, however ending up looking cartoonish.

Tabar went on to sarcastically say in an interview with Sputnick that creating this whole scheme made her feel closer to the American actress. She also said that she did it for the adrenaline rush, and that she would never think of going under the knife to look like anyone else.

Last Update: Friday, 8 December 2017 KSA 06:39 - GMT 03:39

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Iranian ‘Angelina Jolie’ takes cover off her ‘fake face’
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